May 25, 2016

Such nice manners, GUFS 5th graders! It is our pleasure to fund these great programs. Thank you GUFS friends and family for your donations, your support makes all of these programs possible.



May 25, 2016

Thank you Mrs. D'Onofrio and all the parents who signed up their kids for "Making Cookies with Mrs. D'Onofrio"! This was a very popular item at Spring Thaw this year. GUFS teachers, you are incredible and we appreciate all you do to support our kids.


Thank you!



May 24, 2016

Another fun activity from our Spring Thaw auction. Thank you to Jennifer Mercurio for taking time to host a jam class at the Eleanor's Best jammery. Photos from this weekend's class. 



May 23, 2016

Our 7th Graders were joined in the School Forest by Joe Ryan, President of the Living History Education Foundation ( for a Revolutionary War reenactment. They learned that 95% of a soldiers life was spent staying alive. And so the built fires, prepared food, and pitched tents before they were part of any skirmish!


Thank you GCEF donors for making this program possible at GUFS!



May 23, 2016

Principal-of-the-Day Archer Stubbs wrote his very first email EVER with the school psychologist, Mrs. Van Dekker. He also decided to not give his brother George detention. Instead, he asked Mrs. Rastelli to refrain from assigning homework to his brother's class.


John Magnan's first official act as Principal-of-the-Day was to promote his brother, Jonah, as Assistant Principal. From there it was a busy day of m...

May 23, 2016

Always a bidding war for this item at Spring Thaw ... check out these lucky kindergartners with a favorite teacher and Moo Moos!



May 16, 2016

We've had another fantastic school year thanks to our generous GCEF donors! As a result, we have new and exciting programs coming to GUFS all the time. Keep an eye out for our last update to donors in early June with our final fundraising numbers. In the meantime, here is a board selfie we took the other night at our last meeting of the 2015-16 school year (the photo is missing Kristin Sorenson, who deserves...

May 6, 2016

Principal of the Day, James Wynn, was amazing! He led announcements, introduced the Gr4+5 Concert, attended the Kindergarten Orientation, supervised the hallways, and attended a working lunch with the Superintendent. Congrats James! 



May 3, 2016

The Hudson Valley Seed Giving Tree raised $2,840 at Spring Thaw! Immediately these funds went to make a new vegetable garden at GUFS (shown below). Parents, teachers, and students spent two days building this new garden that everyone at GUFS will use. Who would have thought so much could happen in two short days? Thanks to all who participated and supported this project!



May 3, 2016

A new tradition at GUFS! The first ever students versus teachers dodgeball game, which raised money for our school at Spring Thaw. Thank you to everyone who participated!



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