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Many past and ongoing programs are the result of collaborations with local organizations such as the Garrison Art Center, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Clearwater, the Constitution Marsh and Manitoga. GCEF has also supported grants to help local children learn from institutions outside the community, such as the Norwalk Aquarium, Lincoln Center, the Met, the Iroquois Museum, and Howe Caverns. 


Over the years GCEF has supported a variety of workshops on topics such as Internet Awareness and Safely, Poetry with Ted Scheu and On Camera Acting, and funded middle school electives on topics including Arabic Language and Culture and Journalism. 


What’s more, the Fund supports activities in local high schools. We have helped underwrite costs for musical productions at O’Neill High School and SAT review courses for all of the district’s high school students.


To learn more about programs funded for:


2015-16 school year

2014-15 school year

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