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GCEF Grant Application:

Applicants must use the GCEF grant application when applying for funding and all applications must be submitted electronically.  GCEF accepts grant submissions during two review periods: a fall program review cycle and a spring program review cycle.  The deadline to be considered for the fall cycle is June 15th and the deadline for the spring cycle is November 1st.


Download the GCEF application here:

GCEF Grant Evaluation:

Recipients of GCEF funding are required to complete an evaluation form upon completion of a funded project, particularly if the grant is expected to continue for the following school year.  If a program extends beyond a six-month-period, the recipient will be asked to submit an interim progress report at the end of the first six months.  A final report will be requested at the completion of the project. 


Download the GCEF grant evaluation here:

Sample Grant Applications:

The Second Grade Green Classroom grant received GCEF funding and can provide guidance on how to complete an application.


Download the sample grant applications here:

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Donaldson, Grants Chair at

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