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1.  GCEF welcomes grant applications for educational enrichment programs and projects from members of the Garrison Union Free School District community including teachers, staff members, students, parents and community residents.

2.  GCEF’s mission statement will guide the Board’s decision-making when considering all grant applications.

3.  Grant proposals must support and enhance the excellence of the Garrison Union Free School District, pertain directly to student learning, and be relevant to the environment in which students learn. The GCEF Board reviews all applications with the benefit of as many Garrison Union Free School District students as possible in mind.

4.  Any applicants applying for GCEF funding must obtain approval on their proposal by the school’s Principal (Mrs. Allison Emig, before submitting an application for funding.

5.  Regarding funding requests for projects that specifically involve additions and/or improvements to tangible school property: GCEF requires that all such proposals be approved by the Superintendent, Facilities Committee of the Board of Education, and then the full Board of Education prior to submission. It is the responsibility of the applicant to communicate with the Administration prior to submitting an application. GCEF’s two-month review period will be in addition to the timing that the applicant may need for Board of Education approval.

6.  Applicants who are awarded grants will be notified within one week following the GCEF Board meeting. Copies of the award letter will be sent to the Superintendent and Principal.

7.  Grant funds shall only be used for purposes strictly stated in the application or in interim reports.

8.  All invoices/receipts for a grant must be submitted to the school’s Superintendent within 60 days of completion of the project, or January 31st for fall grants and July 31st for spring grants. In the event that a project commences in the fall and ends the spring, two invoices should be submitted; one for the fall portion of the project and one for spring portion of the project. Any exceptions to these deadlines must be submitted to GCEF in a written request.

9.  Recipients of GCEF funding are required to submit a brief report and evaluation upon completion of a funded project. If a program extends beyond a six-month-period, the recipient should submit an interim progress report at the end of the first six months, and a final report within 60 days of the completion of the project.


If you have any questions on these grant guidelines, please contact Nicole Donaldson and Kristan Connolly, GCEF Grants Co-Chairs, at

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