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The 2015 Fall Appeal brought in over 100 donors and raised over $17,000! Along with the many programs GCEF supports, this year’s Fall Appeal highlighted the recent purchase of Imagination Playground, a 105 piece architectural set for children of all ages to design their own inventions, environments and activities. The set includes bricks, cylinders and parts that suggest motion or connectivity. Principal Griffiths views Imagination Playground as just one example of his commitment to inspiring our children to engage, explore and innovate. 


With outstanding results, our two second grade classes won the pizza party prize. Mrs. Greene’s class came in first with 81% participation and Mrs. Rastelli’s class came in second with 73% participation. Donations to the Fall Appeal of $25 or greater also qualified students to put their names into the hat for the “Principal for a Day” raffle. Principal Griffiths stands at the ready to guide and support the four winning students this spring during this unique experience. 


Money raised during the Fall Appeal will continue to support educational programming that will reach every child at GUFS.

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