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Mindfulness Yoga Workshop Series

Submitted by: Krista DiDiego and Jessica VanDekker

Mindfulness Yoga is a program that is specifically designed for kids. Students will learn another strategy to help them regulate their emotions and reduce stress. These strategies will be reinforced in the classroom, in guidance, and with the school nurse. There is never a more needed time than now given the times.

Enhancing Health with Outdoor Learning

Submitted by: Melissa DeFonce


Yoga mats for each Garrison student to be used for the GCEF funded yoga program and outdoor learning in the time of COVID-19.

Philipstown HUB Mental Health Support

Submitted by Krista DiDiego

$10,000 – All grades

The COVID-19 shutdown has presented many difficulties and affected the mental health for both students and staff. There are feelings of anxiety, loss of connection, stress, fear, and many other emotions. Supporting student and staff mental health is a key component as we transition into a new school year. 

NYC Historical Immigration Experience

Submitted by Chris Caliendo

$699 – Grade 8

The NYC Immigration Experience program provides students with a day-long experience which will enhance their depth of knowledge with regards to the American immigration movements of the 1800s and early 1900s.  It will serve as a culmination of their unit of study on immigration.

Constitution Marsh Eagles Program

Submitted by Amy Kuchera (GUFS)

$500 – Grade 4

This three-part program for our fourth graders is done together with Constitution Marsh.  The program starts with an assembly where educators from the Marsh visit our classroom and teach our students about Eagle’s habitats and adaptations.  The second part is a trip to the Marsh where students observe eagles on the Hudson through binoculars and telescopes.  The third and final part is another classroom visit from Marsh educators, where students play a game in which they play the part of an eagle and try to take a successful journey to a particular point, facing real life obstacles along the way.  They also use longitude and latitude coordinates to track routes of certain eagles.  This program is directly linked to the life science section of the fourth grade science curriculum.

Challenger Space Center

Submitted by Kevin Keegan (GUFS)

$350 – Grade 6

On this trip to the Challenger Space Center, the 6th graders will go on a simulated mission to Mars!  Working in teams at the Mission Control Center and Spacecraft simulators, students transform themselves into astronauts, scientists, engineers and researchers by participating in the Center’s simulated space adventures.  They work at navigation, life support, robotics, geology, communications and medical stations.  The Challenger Center uses a student's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for space to create innovative problem-based learning experiences for young minds. The Mission Control and Spacecraft simulators within the Center allow students to apply Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) concepts to an authentic, real-world experience that is truly out-of-this-world!!

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