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Check out the GUFS kids, in action!

Watch these GUFS students, all ages, building, creating, and loving Imagination Playground! Thanks Mr. John for the video!

Your donations allow us to fund amazing programs like Imagination Playground. We have a little over a week left of our Fall Appeal. As of today, we've raised $9,200 on a $13,000 goal.

If you have not already, please make your tax-deductible gift now. Help us reach our target!

Every gift counts toward the classroom participation tally! A single family gift at any level will cover all of the children a family has at the school. Gifts of $25 or more will also qualify students to put their names into the hat for our “Principal for a Day Raffle”. The drawing for the four winning students will take place this spring. A pizza party awaits the two winning classrooms and GUFS and our children will thank you!

Congrats Mrs. Greene's classroom, you are in the lead!

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