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Thanks GUFS PTA!

After school enrichment classes are wrapping up for the Spring semester, so we wanted to take a moment to thank GUFS PTA (Nell Ogorzaly Timmer Shahla Jannetta Erin Wik + Jennifer Wagner) for organizing engaging and innovative enrichment classes for our students. Please check out these cool creations made in the new Maker Space Lab as part of STEAM LEGO, where students were architects and engineers!

We've been thrilled to partner with GUFS PTA this year to co-fund the purchase of new soccer goals and balls which are being used during recess as well as within the Physical Education program. We also partnered with GUFS PTA to bring the Healthy Choices program to the GUFS middle school. This multi-layered program offered by a licensed clinical social worker included a workshop for parents of 6th-8th graders, eight 45-minute sessions for 8th grade students, and support for Garrison faculty and staff to help integrate the Healthy Choices program into the school health curriculum.

We look forward to our future collaborations with GUFS PTA to benefit all students at GUFS!

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