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Spotlight on Mr. Young!

Check out this great article on GUFS art teacher Coulter Young! Every year Mr. Young brings new and exciting art enrichment programming to GUFS with GCEF support, such as:

The annual multi-discipinary art program with the Garrison Art Center (GAC). Each grade has the unique opportunity to work with an experienced artist at GAC, where mediums include clay and pottery, stained glass, sculpture, stamping, drawing/writing/book making, paper mache, textile design, and paper marbling.

This year Mr. Young implemented a six week STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Mathematics) unit into his curriculum for grades K-8 with the purchase of Little Bits Workshops Sets, Goldie Blox, Quibits, and Legos.

In the past, Mr. Young created an Artist in Residency program with Hudson Valley artist Andrew Lattimore to work with students in grades 3-8 on drawing, perspective, and art history, and to share his experience as a professional artist. The program commenced with a plein-air workshop by Mr. Lattimore on School Forest Day in May 2015 in the School Forest.

Thank you Mr. Young and congratulations on your solo show, Triptych, at the Catalyst Gallery in Beacon!

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