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Planning for Spring gardens

Susan Hereth from Hudson Valley Seed wrote an interesting blog post, "Plan now for spring school gardens" on Teaching the Hudson Valley this week.

She writes: "Recently one of the garden educators here at Hudson Valley Seed conducted a Pumpkin Predictions lesson with second graders stuck inside on a rainy day. Students became scientists and mathematicians using local sugar pumpkins from a nearby farm. The educators built on knowledge the students had gained earlier in the year exploring, tasting, observing, and learning in their school garden. Then, they encouraged them to use their math and science skills to problem solve questions such as: How do we figure out the circumference of a pumpkin? What is your prediction for how many seeds will be inside? What parts of the plant do we see when we observe a pumpkin? What is the pumpkin’s life cycle?"

Ask your kids about the garden coming in their classroom during the winter ... and Seed Yoga!

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