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End of year update!

Check out today's press release to learn about the incredible programs we've funded so far this year thanks to your support! And please mark your calendars for:

* “Winter Garden” Ladies' Night Cocktail Party on Friday, February 5th at 7:30 p.m.

* The 17th Annual Spring Thaw on Saturday, April 2 at Highlands Country Club from 7 – 10 p.m.

Special thanks to Kristin Sorenson, chair of our Fall Appeal, Karen Nelson, chair of our Golf Marathon and Kyoko Gelber, VP of Grants.

We are part of such a great community!


Fund commits $30,000 for enrichment programs

December 16, 2015 -- The Garrison Children’s Education Fund (GCEF) raised a total of $19,000 during the Fund’s Fall 2015 fundraising efforts, which included a successful October Golf Marathon Fundraiser and Fall Appeal. The Fall Appeal brought in over 100 donors and raised $17,000 to support a variety of academic, artistic and athletic curriculum-enhancing activities.

This year’s Fall Appeal highlighted Imagination Playground, a 105 piece architectural set for children of all ages to design their own inventions, environments and activities. GCEF was thrilled to partner with GUFS new Principal, John Griffiths, to purchase Imagination Playground. “Creative play is vital to healthy human development, and Imagination Playground not only prompts this type of activity, but fosters social interactions like no other recess activity I have ever seen,” said John Griffiths. Delivered in November, the blocks are already adding a stimulating new dimension to indoor and outdoor play.

GCEF welcomes grant proposals from any member of the GUFS community including teachers, administrators, and parents. To date, GCEF has committed $30,000 for fifteen programs during the 2015-2016 school year:

  • Hudson Valley Seed: $6,000 for the development of a sustainable, year-round school garden, where children grades K-5 are educated in academics and wellness through curriculum-integrated lessons.

  • Imagination Playground: $5,755 to purchase an indoor-outdoor, mobile, big-block play system and storage.

  • Garrison Art Center: $3,700 for a multi-disciplinary art program for GUFS students K-4 and middle school, organized in conjunction with the Garrison Art Center to enrich the arts curriculum at GUFS.

  • Jazz Ensemble: $3,350 for musical instruction that will teach middle school students to read jazz band arrangements, improvise solos and address basic jazz rhythms and scale choices.

  • PTA After School Programs: $2,240 partially covers the cost of bringing teachers from Beacon Music Factory, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival and Garrison Art Center to teach after school music, theater and art programs.

  • Clearwater Sloop: $1,250 for the annual 5th grade sail on the Clearwater Sloop as part of their study of history, ecology, art and music through the Hudson River.

  • Percussion Ensemble: $1,200 to bring a professional percussionist/teacher who will bring the nuances and knowledge of percussion playing and music to students in grades 4-8.

  • Society of Educational Arts: $1,175 to bring the Teatro SEA’s bi-lingual production of "Skeletons” as part of a school-wide celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

  • Constitution Marsh Program: $1,700 for grades K-3 and 5 to participate in this program with Constitution Marsh/the Audubon Society to learn about tidal marsh ecology.

  • Much Ado About Anything: $1,000 to cover the cost of a dance instructor, Belle Ritter to teach the 8th graders swing dance as part of their production of Much Ado About Anything.

  • SAT Prep Course – Kaplan: $1,000 to reduce the cost of the course for participating students, which will be offered at the Desmond Fish Library. Contact Jen McCreery at desmondfishdirector@gmail for more information.

  • Constitution Marsh Eagle Program: $500 for 4th graders to participate in the “Eagles on the Hudson” program at Constitution Marsh – a three-part study of Eagles' habitats and adaptations.

  • Philadelphia Constitution Convention Center: $400 to cover the cost of the 8th graders visit to the National Constitution Center and the Betsy Ross House.

  • Liberty Science Center: $362 to partially cover the 4th grade visit to the Liberty Science Center in NJ and participation in a hands-on lab workshop: Bee-bot Robot Challenge.

  • Challenger Space Center: $350 for the 6th graders to experience a simulated mission to Mars and transform themselves into scientists, engineers, researchers and astronauts at the Challenger Space Center.

GCEF is dedicated to the vitality of the school district and supports initiatives that challenge students to expand their imaginations and to discover and explore their own talents to the fullest, with special interest in programs that enrich students’ sense of place through understanding the heritage, history, science and culture of the Hudson River Valley. Priority is given to those projects that enhance student learning, have the highest educational value, and are most closely connected to the school curriculum.

GCEF has two upcoming events: A “Winter Garden” Ladies' Night Cocktail Party on Friday, February 5th at 7:30 p.m. and the 17th Annual Spring Thaw on Saturday, April 2 at Highlands Country Club from 7 – 10 p.m. Spring Thaw is the Fund’s biggest fundraising event of the year to support enrichment programming at GUFS.

About GCEF:

The Garrison Children’s Education Fund (GCEF) is a community-based, nonprofit foundation that supports a dynamic program of academics, the arts and athletics for Kindergarten through 12th grade children in the Garrison Union Free School District. GCEF raised nearly $48,000 during the 2014-2015 school year. Established in 1998, GCEF has distributed over $630,000 in grants to benefit children of the Garrison School district. For more information, please go to

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