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GUFS Theatre presents ....

Did you know GUFS students will have the opportunity to see TWO new performances over the next week?

* First, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival will present their Fairy Tales Tour to GUFS elementary students (K-5) on Thursday, October 22nd at 1:15pm. This program melds performance and workshop with its highly interactive approach to three classic stories: Cinderella, Snow White and Bottom’s Dream (a fairy tale telling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream). It's an exciting introduction to theater, storytelling and Shakespeare. Students will not only watch these stories come to life but will be a part of the action!

A BIG thank you to John Griffiths for bringing this new elementarty school production (offered for the first time this fall) to GUFS, which further expands on a strong relationship our school has with Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. Thanks to our generous donors, GCEF has been able to help bring many Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival education programs to GUFS such as the after school theater programs (with Laura Brackley) along with the annual Spring performance and workshop for middle school students.

* Next week, GCEF and GUFS PTA have partnered to bring El Teatro SEA from NYC (for the first time ever!) to perform “Skeletons” on Tuesday, October 27th at 10am. “Skeletons” is a comedy based on El Dia De Los Muertos. Throughout the month of October, Sra. D’Antuano along with Mr. Young had our students travel to South America via literature and art to learn about El Dia De Los Muertos. This photo is a sneak peek of some artwork the students have been working on with Mr. Young that will be on display next week.

Parents are invited to both GUFS performances!

El Teatro SEA “Skeletons”: Tuesday, October 27th at 10am

GCEF Donors, THANK YOU for starting to send in your donations to support all of the incredible programs GCEF funds. Our Fall Appeal is already off to a strong start this week!

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