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Who wants to be Principal for a Day?

Last July, the PCNR had a great article that mentioned our first ever Principal for a Day raffle:

"The Principal For A Day raffle program allowed four young students to shadow Mrs. I for a day, involving them in meetings, and giving them a taste of life on the other side of schooling. The temporary gig came with some responsibility, but all the students met it with maturity and respect. The winners were sixth grade Emerson Del Monte, who came prepared with research on extended recess/outdoor time and how it could boost increased productivity in the classroom, third graders Grace Gordon, who enthusiastically said she wished to submit her application to fill the principal role, and John Mangan, who hired his younger brother Jonah as an assistant principal, and Meggie Clemente from kindergarten." You can read more HERE.

Do not miss out this year! Not only do we have a new principal to shadow for the day, but your kids have a new chance to be the principal for the day this May!

HOW TO BUY: $5 per raffle ticket—buy 10 tickets/$50 and get one free! If you have more than one child, please indicate how many raffle tickets you are buying per child. Send in cash/checks via Backpack Mail in an envelope addressed to “GCEF.” Checks should be made to “GCEF” and the note section should indicate “Thaw Raffle.” You also can buy raffle tickets at Spring Thaw on April 2.

Thanks for your support!

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