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Who wants to hang out with the teachers? Me!

Next week, your kids will hear all about the amazing teacher items coming to Spring Thaw in April. Here is a preview:

* Your child and one friend or sibling can spend time with Mrs. Ricci with an ice cream at your choice of a nearby ice cream location. Last year this caused quite a bidding war!

* Join Mrs. D’Onofrio in an afternoon of cookie making, decorating fun! No baking/decorating experience necessary but MUST have experience eating cookies!

* Join our beloved second grade teachers Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Rastelli in an afternoon filled with craft making and ice cream sundae making!

* Join Nurse Melissa for some milk and cookies and be entertained by her amazing card shark son Duncan (you’ve seen his picture in her office!!)

* Join Ms. Timmons for an hour of exciting science fun for up to 4 students in grades K-2. It would take place at school on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

* Join the team of students who will take on a team of GUFS teachers in dodgeball! Bring your best game forward to beat your teachers! Participating teachers include: Mrs. Kuchera, Mrs. Van Dekker, Mrs. Earle, Ms. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Williams, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Bresnan, Mr. Beckley, Mrs. Waters, Mrs. A (scorekeeper), Mrs. Romano (sideline support) and Mrs. Khuns (cheerleader), and more.

* Win an opportunity for your K-2 GUFS student to be “Speech Teacher Helper” for the Day! On the day you select, your child gets to be the speech teacher in their classroom for the entire lesson, shadowed by Mrs. Khuns, of course!

Auction packets will go online Tuesday, March 29 so people have a chance to pre-bid and/or start planning what they'd like to bid on at the event. In addition to these items for our kids, Mr. Young and Ms. D both donated incredible items for the adults - Drip and Sip and a weekend of babysitting. Thank you GUFS teachers and faculty!


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