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Hey, what about us?

[Earrings by Gabrielle Sanchez in rare white turquoise]

We spend a lot of time talking about our kids. That makes sense, we are of course the Garrison Children's Education Fund. How about we flip the focus and spotlight some amazing GUFS parents who are donating their skills, talents and job resources to our silent auction!

* Bid on a beautiful collection of five paper art pop-up books (including Gaudi, Escher, Dali, Star Trek, Pop Up Numbers), by Courtney Watson McCarthy, local paper artist! Or, better yet, bid on a two-hour pop-up book session with Courtney for 6 kids!

* We have photography sessions with Sheila Williams Photography or a family portrait with Erin Wik. Erin makes t-shirts, too!

* Art from Dirk Westphal and a handmade quillt by Nell Timmer.

* Jewelry from Vitraux by Alejandra (Alejandra Awad), Gems de Mer (Danielle Mancinelli), and Gabrielle Sanchez.

* Dine out at Taco Dive Bar and Hudson Room (thanks to owners Joni and Louie Lanza) or in the city at Sala One Nine (thanks to owners Shahla and Michael Jannetta).

* A scarf and gift certificate from Renee Heim, who works at Vineyard Vines.

* A two-hour class to learn how to make jam with Jennifer Mercurio of Eleanor's Best.

* A design consultation with Annie Mennes, owner of Garrison Foundry Architecture + Décor.

* US Open tickets for adults and kids from Kent Schacht, who works at the US Tennis Association. He also likes to cook, so join him at the Men's Whiskey Tasting and Dinner!

* Army tickets and a tour of West Point grounds and lunch from Kristin Sorenson, who works at West Point.

* David Gelber created and produced the Emmy Award winning series, Years of Living Dangerously and is donating a unique opportunity for a parent/student team to share in the production process for a day.

* Come enjoy some amazing home cooked food by BBQ aficionado Derek DuBois. You and friends/family can enjoy a lazy summer afternoon at the McCabe and DuBois home.

* Author and health and wellness lifestyle coach Claudine Struck is donating a massage and yoga session and copies of her How to Stay Sane when Life Isn't book series.

* Trisha Mulligan, herbalist and owner of Terra Flora Botanicals, will prepare herbal steams, scrubs, toners and creams made from fresh organic ingredients for “Food for your Face”, a ladies spa evening.

* Sundance DiGiovanni founded Major League Gaming in 2002 and has donated a tour of the MLG studio headquarters in New York City.

* Not only can you get a cake from Smitten owner Andrea Rouxel but also two personal training sessions (that makes it guilt-free cake)!

* Spend a few hours in Lisa Rasic’s beautiful garden with friends, sipping on wine and creating a unique plein-air watercolor painting under the direction of our very own GUFS art teacher, Coulter Young at the popular Drip and Sip event.

This is quite a list of impressive parents! Don't forget to buy your tickets before the weekend! This Friday is the last day you can purchase tickets at the lower price.

Thank you!

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