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Many dimensions of arts education

Excerpt from Principal John Griffiths' weekly update:

"You and I are familiar with both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. A variety of both flow from Coulter Young’s classroom. 2D works of drawing, painting, or collage hang from walls, and 3D sculpture can be seen hanging from ceilings, displayed on tables, and populating a dedicated display case. Engaging children in such creative pursuits are a vital part of their development!

If you happened to attend this year’s Spring Concert, you may have noticed that there were also various dimensions to students’ musical performances. Of course, the ensemble types differed from percussion ensembles to full bands to choirs, but there was another truly impressive dimension to the evening. In addition to the traditional teacher-selected repertoire, Ulysses Torres allowed students to choose their own songs. Mr. Torres opens his music room to students during his lunchtime. Using the ukuleles and guitars recently funded by GCEF (“Thank you!”), students orchestrate and rehearse these pieces. This truly added a new dimension to the concert and was appreciated by all. Good work student musicians, and congratulations, Mr. Torres!"

Photo below of some exceptional seventh grade students performing at this year's Spring Thaw with instruments purchased with the GCEF "Modern Band" grant. Click here to see all the grants funded this school year!

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